About Us

Managing a business is not an easy thing and we know it, Strategic Business Loans knows the difficulties and the rewards of owning a business. We know the heart it takes to be invested in a start up company, the slow months that sometimes comes for the well established businesses or the needed of investments to excel in the competitive fields of business. Our goal is to make your business loan process a smooth process this way you can focus once again on your business.

Strategic Business Loans offers alternative business financing with cutting edge technology to evaluate business loans based on your businesses actual performance and not solely on the business owners’ personal credit score. This allows businesses to spend their time where it matters most, on their customers and on growing your business and not looking for a small business loan.


Our mission is to assist small – medium sized business owners obtain capital to either start-up, or grow their existing business. Strategic Business Loans uses online technology, industry familiarity, and relationships with banks, lenders, and private money sources to obtain this financing and help business owners in an honest, transparent, and efficacious manner.


Our vision is to inspire revolutionary change in the “alternative” lending industry; we will do this by serving the client before we serve ourselves, building our box around our clients instead of the other way around, and pioneering traditional business financing in an untraditional way. Strategic Business Loans will redesign business lending to be intelligent business financing.


Our core values

  • Honesty
  • Transperency
  • Respect
  • Integrity

Let's Become Partners

We have been there, I have been there, I have experienced my entire life what it means to call yourself a business owner, and I’m here to help

Joe Gutierrez
Anaheim Funding Manager